Dacien Temple

Dacien Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in Xian travel, it is the birthplace sect of Vijnanavada, and it has a history over Dacien Temple

1350 years. Dacien Temple is one of the first group of national important cultural relics and the first group of national 4A tourist attractions. So Dacien Temple is a popular spot among attractions of Xian travel , you can’t miss Dacien Temple during your Xian travel, and if you are interested in Buddhist, Dacien Temple may be a good choice for your Xian travel.

Dacien Temple is located in the east of ancient Xian, Lizhi built this temple in memory of his mother in 648 A.D. So this temple named Dacien Temple. Dacien Temple is the most famous and magnificent temple, Xuanzang managed this temple once, he founded Buddhist sect, you can feel the culture of Buddhism during your Xian travel to Dacien Temple, and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda was built under his guidance, so you can also enjoy the sight of Big Wild Goose Pagoda during your Xian travel.

The south of Dacien Temple is Nanshan, the north of it is Hanyuan Palace, the southeast is the beautiful Qujiang, the southwest is beautiful apricot garden, and there is a clear canal before the temple. You can enjoy the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere during your Xian travel to Dacien Temple.

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